5 June 2011

A Verse a Day

          One of the more thumbed books that I own is my Bible. I have a New Century Version Youth Bible which was given to me by my parents as a Christmas present in 2003. I have two other less used Bibles; one is a Gideon's Bible which my yeargroup was handed in out first year of High School, the kind which contains only the Gospel and Old Testament and which can be found in hotel rooms the world over. My third Bible is a Children's Bible which I think I was given as a Christening present; it encompasses 365 of the more well known Bible stories which have been taken out of verse format and made suitable for Children, with a different story for every day of the year.
          As a Christian the Bible is very important to me and as such is a book I believe I should read more regularly than I do, as I currently binge on it, reading none for months at a time and then reading whole books at once. I think I should read it a verse at a time to be able to think more about the words and reflect on their meaning to me. I also think that I should eventually read the whole thing... something which I've never attempted to do.
         My faith is perhaps not as whole-hearted as that which some people have, I'm not convinced which parts of my religion I believe, however I do think it is definately a good thing. I believe in God and I believe in Jesus, although I'm not too convinced over the Holy Spirit. I'm not sure I entirely get the Heaven and Hell aspects; I'd like to believe Heaven exists but without Hell, however there's so many different prophesies about it in the Bible that I'm not sure which to take. My favourite thing about my faith, the aspect which I try to take away from it is the principles and strong moral compass with which it provides you. I also love the feeling of security and calm which it can give to me at times when I don't think I would otherwise cope very well.
          The above reasons are why I'm going to use this blog to start a new project for me. I'm going to go through the Bible from beginning to end and do my best to post every day a verse from the bible and my honest opinion and reflection upon it. I will not guarantee I'll manage it as I'm human and not infallible and life will undoubtedly get in the way. However it is a good habit which I will try to set up, even though it will take me years to succeed.
          I will do my best.


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