22 June 2011

The Blackmailed Bride - Kim Lawrence M&B (October 2006)

Yesterday I mentioned that I'd finished two Mills and Boon books in the time that I havn't been blogging over the past week. This is mostly because of the multitude of exams which members of my household (myself and my sister) have been taking. As of monday I finished my exams but I felt I still needed time to recover, I have now done so and am back.

The first of the two books I read was The Blackmailed Bride, the first book from the omnibus I bought a couple of weeks back, I have a high turnover of this kind of book. It more or less fulfilled my expectations, only I felt it was too rushed, the whole of the beginning of the book took place over about 3 days. Seeing as she was being blackmailed into marrying this man she barely knew against her will I thought she fell in love with him much too soon.

It did however fulfill in other areas and I was on the whole satisfied by the plot.


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