11 June 2011

Genesis 1:9-13

"9Then God said, "Let the water under the sky be gathered together so the dry land will appear." And it happened. 10God named the dry land "earth" and the water that was gathered together "seas". God saw that this was good.
11Then God said, "Let the earth produce plants - some to make grain for seeds and others to make fruits with seeds in them. Every seed will produce more of it's own kind of plant." And it happened. 12The earth produced plants with grain for seeds, and trees that made fruits with seeds in them. Each seed grew its own kind of plant. God saw that all this was good. 13Evening passed, and morning came. This was the third day."

       The third day was always one of my favourites in this story. It was the one which saw the beginning of tranquil, undisturbed beauty. It saw the lands separated by sea, creating a home for many thousands of nations over many thousands of years.
      The thing which I love the most about this image is the fact that there are no people, no-one to mess it up. No one to drop litter and leave it there. No-one to be slowly killing this delicate, beautiful world. Just the plants which speak of life, the full cycle of life,  but at the same time everlasting life. When I hear this passage my head is filled with images of tendrils creeping towards the light. Neverending greenery.


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