29 June 2011

Day Five - Best Friend(s)

When I came to do this post I couldn't decide on which of my friends was my best friend, there are many I would consider for various reasons, however I wittled it down to three. These three were selected mostly because they came to the picnic I had for my 18th Birthday this may, which meant that I had some quite nice pictures of them.

Unfortunately my drawing skills really don't do them justice. The only one of the three I'm even vaguely happy with is Sammy T. Clarissa looks nothing like herself, and I've managed to make the vary pretty Beth just look odd.

The one on the left is Sammy T, My parents knew his when we were babies, his family lived across the road from mine. I'm not really sure when but his family moved away before I was able to remember him, and the earliest recollections I have of him are of a boy who wears clothes which don't fit in with everyone elses. That's because in the middle of school 'year 3' when I was eight he moved back, and he didn't have the uniform. He was ok then, but until the end of primary school my general attitude was that all boys are awful. We became friends really in year 7 or 8 of high school, but really we became close in the last two years, as part of firstly a small group which dwindled to a trio over the past year. Him, Jonathan and I, managed to develop a cameraderie which I don't think I'll ever be able to replicate, and we really have our own set of jokes which I think anyone else would struggle to understand. Sam's really laid back, sometimes too much for his own good, but I think this picture really shows that.

Clarissa is one of the most undiscriminately kind people I've ever had the good fortune to meet. She hasn't got a bad bone in her body and I think I'd die of shock if I ever heard anything cruel come from her lips. I met Clarissa in Year 3, when she moved to my school all the way from Liverpool. She got sat next to me and another friend, and we instantly made friends, I've never looked back. She's a completely loopy aspiring journalist, and this picture actually doesn't do her justice.

The third friend I drew was Beth, I met her when we started High School, she was sitting alone in the hall when I turned up, and we started to talk, not a lot. She was in a form group with one of my other friends, and so I saw a bit of her during breaks and lunches and it didn't take long for us to become close. I went round her house several times during the course of high school, and her mum is also lovely. Beth is one of the most opinionated and argumentative people I know, but it's in a good way, she'd stand up for any of her friends and not back down. It's Beth's birthday tomorrow, so happy birthday Beth.

There were countless other people I looked at when doing this, but these are the three I came up with, and they're all deserving :)


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