30 June 2011

Day Six - Favourite Book

My favourite book of all time has to be Legend by David Gemmell. The concept is brilliant. The characters are brilliant. The description is brilliant and it's written in the traditional Gemmell style that I love.

However there were a couple of other contenders, both read recently, which I considered for this status. Firstly Name of the wind which was practically perfect. Then there was Game of Thrones, where I just love the story and some of the characters. 

I had to choose Legend though because it's had a profound and lasting effect on the type of book I choose. It led me to the place where I will pick a book based purely on it's cover. It also gave me a profound respect for Gemmell's writing style and has made me want to read all of his books. 

This is my attempt at an outline drawing of one of the copies I have, it has nothing on the original or the other cover design, however I don't think it turned out too bad.

My favourite part of the book, a fact which often freaks people out a little, is the description of the gangrene which is killing Druss the Legend, hero of the book. It's so vivid and real you can visualise it, almost smell the stench.

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