8 August 2012

London 2012: Day Eleven

Medals so far:

Gold:         22
Silver:       13
Bronze:     13
Medals today:

Gold:         4
Silver:       2
Bronze:     2

Place Overall:   3

Gold in Cycling - Track - Men's Keirin, won by Chris Hoy.

Gold in Cycling - Track - Women's Omnium, Laura Trott.

Gold in Equestrian - Team Dressage, won by Carl Hester, Laura Bechtol Scheimer and Charlotte Dujardin.

Gold in Triathlon - Men's Triathlon, won by Alistair Brownlee.

Silver in Cycling - Track - Women's Sprint, won by Victoria Pendleton.

Silver in Sailiing - Men's R-X, won by Nick Dempsey.

Bronze in Athletics - Men's Highjump, won by Robert Grabarz.

Bronze in Triathlon - Men's Triathlon, won by Jonathon Brownlee.

The highlights today were that two british brother's came first and third in the Triathlon, with a 15 second time penalty costing the silver, and also that we Came first in the Dressage meaning that Germany havn't won for the first time in a very long time, possibly ever. What a feat!

Enjoy the Games!



  1. Hello! Your blog sounds great! I love books so it was a welcome addition to the blogs I read. I saw that you're a scout leader and wondered if you were going to Essex Jamboree?! Anyways I look forward to reading more of your posts! :D

    1. xD I am a Scout Leader, but I'm not going to Essex Jamboree :(, it's a nightmare trying to convince the Leader in charge to take the scouts camping anywhere... and I still need to get my nights away certificate. Would love to go though :P

    2. You'll just have to get your license or whatever it is that you need to take the scouts away and take them yourself in 4 years time! :P I never went as a guide because my Guider didn't like big camps, just liked to do her own ones (which were always really good) it's only since i've joined rangers that I've been! :)

    3. It shouldn't take too long to get it. I'm on a training weekend in October, and you're supposed to get your woodbadge, ie have done all the training modules, within 5 years of starting it, and I got my appointment aged 17, so I've got another 3 and a half years still :) It would be so so much fun to take them though.