3 August 2012

Bought for the Greek's Bed - Julia James M&B (July 2007)

Bought for the Greek's bed was somewhat unusual for a  Mills and Boon because it started with absolute loathing on each side. On top of this there was never really any romance. From this point of view it lacked the comfort I usually gain from reading these. 

However there was something about it, and I'm not quite sure what, that found me racing through the pages. It could have been that it was relatively fast-paced. It could have been the sympathy that I felt for Vicky with her being in a relationship where she was effectively used and the overwhelming sense of abuse.

It wasn't direct, and I have no doubt that if you asked either character they'd deny it but to my mind it was an abusive relationship. I'm not sure I'd want to read this one again, and I'm not sure I understand how Vicky and Theo got their wires crossed.

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  1. Was it more mental abuse? Sometimes it's more subversive, especially when it's a "romance" and they're arguing all the time... Cheers!

    1. To give away the plot entirely, they'd been previously married, but it was a marriage which was meant to save face for her uncle as he was proud but needed to accept financial help from Theo. During the first marriage she'd quite liked him and he'd put some moves on her, which she tried to evade because she thought he was either trying to make her another notch in his infamous bedpost or using her for sexual relief, neither actually true as he genuinely liked her, but she didn't know this. she consents and then runs off to get some headspace, and the paparazzi get's pictures of her going into a hotel with a man, who happens to be the stepbrother her husband's never met. He thinks she's having an affair, she encourages this to exit the marriage, as the marriage should only ever have been temporary anyway she wants the dowry she was promised when the marriage ended, but at this point isn't too bothered. fast forward two years and she goes and says she wants the money, because she needs it to help the charity her father set up, but she's too proud to say why she needs it, he blackmails her into spending a week with him, during which time he uses her, he gives her the money but then stops it going through, the book ends with her brother confronting Theo and only keeping an unbruised face due to the fact that he starts with the word sister. ta da happily ever after. I really didn't get how it could work, and maybe I should've put this in the post rather than a stupidly long reply comment :P