6 July 2011

Genesis 3:8-13

"Then they heard the Lord God walking in the garden during the cool part of the day, and the man and his wife hid from the Lord God among the trees in the garden. But the Lord God called to the man and said, "Where are you?"
The man answered, "I heard you walking in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked, so I hid."
God asked, "Who told you that you were naked? Did you eat fruit from the tree from which I commanded you not to eat?"
The man said, "You gave this woman to me and she gave me fruit from the tree, so I ate it."
Then the Lord God said to the woman, "How could you have done such a thing?"
She answered, "The snake tricked me, so I ate the fruit." "

Once again her actions, and his, are typically human. They did not want to take the blame so they blamed another. While it was true that the fruit was provided by those mentioned, each of them is at fault for eating from the tree when they were told not to as they each actively made the decision to eat the fruit themselves. I think part of the issue is not so much that they ate the fruit, but that they are unwilling to face up to their actions.

We all sin, but God is willing to forgive us so long as we admit we sinned, say sorry and ask for forgiveness.


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