2 July 2011

Day Eight - Favourite Animated Character

 Every girl wants to be Cinderella for a day, but we all want to be Belle for life. At least those of us who've seen the Disney Princess films.

Belle has substance, she's not insipid.
Belle is pretty.
Belle gets the most beautiful of the dresses.

And my favourite of all... Belle LOVES to read. She makes reading cool. She has the library which I see in my head whenever I think about the library I'd one day like to create :)

Apart from the scowl and a couple of scaling issues I think this drawing turned out well.
You Can tell the dress is the Belle dress.
The hair is the right shape and even size, when you're only looking at the head.
I even managed to shade it fairly well using only one yellow pencil and varying pressure.

Overall I have to say I'm more pleased with how this has turned out than any to date... but it's certainly not perfect. The original came from my calender, I may be an adult but I object to adult calenders... they're just so boring.


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