1 July 2011

Day Seven - Favourite Movie


I love this film. It all began when I was probably too young to legally watch it, my Nan bought the video to give to her cousin with the Video player she'd got her for her birthday, she asked me to watch it to make sure it worked. I loved it. I raved about it... My Nan bought me the DVD for Christmas :P

That holidays I think I watched this film 15 times... in the space of about a week, some days I'd watch it and then immediately again once it'd ended. This is a common occurance for my sister who's a film lover, but less so for me. It tends to be months after I first watch something before I watch it again.

I've seen this film so often I could probably recite it. I know the bits I love and the bits which make me cringe. If any song which is in it starts playing I stop, My ears prick up and I go 'that's Dirty Dancing music' with a huge grin on my face.

I digress, I'm not over-impressed with my drawing, but it's not awful either.


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