6 July 2011

Day Twelve - Most recent Acheivement

I'm not sure if it's an acheivement yet, but I'm gonna go with it. I decided around christmas that I'd like to make a quilt, for when my boyfriend and I one day need one, and if we don't then I'll still have made something I can be proud of.
     It's going to be made of 214 6" squares.
     24 of these will be the stars seen in the picture, they're called friendship stars.
    23 of these will be the stars seen in the picture. They're supposed to be paper peiced, however I didn't know how to do that when I started, so I have a feeling they're going to be made in a variety of ways.
   There will be one square which is embroidered with a logo associated with a past-time me and my boyfriend share.
    There will also be 166 of the square blocks, known as square dance blocks. none of these will be the same, although some may use the same fabrics reversed.
    Once I've made all of those I then need to decide on a layout and sew them into rows. And once I've sewn the rows I need to sew the rows together.
    After that I intend to get some batting to be able to hand-quilt it and bind it, it's a project I estimate will take about two years.

Maybe I'll share some of the blocks I've already finished.


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