10 August 2012

London 2012: Day Thirteen

Medals so far:

Gold:         25
Silver:       13
Bronze:     14
Medals today:

Gold:         3
Silver:       0
Bronze:     1

Place Overall:   3

Gold in Boxing - Women's Fly (51kg), won by Nicola Adams.

Gold in Taekwondo - Women's -57kg, won by Jade Jones.

Gold in Equestrian - Individual Dressage, won by Charlotte Dujardin.

Bronze in Equestrian - Individual Dressage, won by Laura Bechtolsheimer.

The highlight for me today was actually Keri-Ann Payne coming fourth in her 10km marathon swim in the Serpentine, because despite the fact she came fourth she swam incredibly well, and even after that distance she came fourth by only 0.5 seconds. Incredible!

Enjoy the Games!


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