11 August 2012

London 2012: Day Fourteen

Medals so far:

Gold:         25
Silver:       15
Bronze:     17
Medals today:

Gold:         0
Silver:       2
Bronze:     3

Place Overall:   3

Silver in Sailing - Men's 470, won by Stuart Bithell and Luke Patience.

Silver in Sailing - Women's 470, won by Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark.

Bronze in Boxing - Men's Middle (75kg), won by Anthony Ogogo.

Bronze in Taekwondo - Men's -80kg, won by Lutalo Muhammad.

Bronze in Hockey - Women's, won by Elizabeth Storry, Emily Maguire, Laura Unsworth, Crista Cullen, Hannah Macleod, Anne Panter, Helen Richardson, Kate Walsh, Chloe Rogers, Laura Bartlett, Alex Danson, Georgie Twigg, Ashleigh Ball, Sally Walton, Nichola White and Sarah Thomas.

Although we got medals today, I have to say the feat of the day for me is still the USA 400m relay-team qualifying in first place despite one of their runners breaking a leg.

Sorry for the late post.

Enjoy the Games!


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