22 June 2011

Bride by Blackmail - Carole Mortimer M&B (October 2006)

This book is the second I finished, less than a day after the first, it is also the second book in the omnibus. The third I have yet to read. It is by Carole Mortimer who is one of my favourite Mills and Boon authors she wrote a few of the books my mum had when she was about the same age I am now.

I would honestly say that I didn't like this book to start with, there was too much treachery and twists only hinted at, however towards the end it settled into a rhythm I was comfortable with.

She wasn't actually blackmailed into being a bride but only into pretending and it wasn't altogether surprising when she realised she still loved her ex-husband. My faviurite element was how you as the reader became very sympathetic towards Jed whilst Georgie is still completely oblivious to his very obvious feelings.


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