5 June 2011

Genesis 1:1

"In the beginning God created the sky and the earth"

       This verse shows to me the power of God and his eternity. He must have huge power as he created the sky and the earth and if it was the beginning what did he use as there would have been nothing for him to use. It shows his eternity as he was at the beginning which is a very long time ago.
        It also raises questions, at the beginning of Sixth Form I took five subjects four of which were sciences. My mum did a degree in science and my brain is very much wired to be analytical, factual, logical. It is not designed to take leaps of faith without evidence which is more or less what this verse requires you to do. My scientifical brain with it's lust for explanation would say that this verse sums up the whole of the Big Bang Theory for which the sky itself is constantly providing evidence.
      This verse honestly says to me Big Bang Theory, however it requires too much faith for me that the Big Bang Theory just happened to start itself, I think it's far too much coincidence, therefore I would say that God set things in motion, got everything moving.


P.S I've missed being able to be philosophical, I havn't done it in a while. I used to do so with a group of friends but it died out. The only thing I'm missing is someone to argue with :P

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