24 June 2011

30 Day Drawing Challenge

I can't draw very well... I can draw better than some people, but worse than others. But should that stop me giving it a try... I honestly don't know, my friend has persuaded me however. As of tomorrow I shall be participating in the 30 Day drawing Challenge as found on Facebook, I'll be posting my drawings here though.

The list is as follows:
  • Day One - Yourself
  • Day Two - Favourite animal
  • Day Three - Favourite food
  • Day Four - Favourite place
  • Day Five - Best friend
  • Day Six - Favourite book
  • Day Seven - Favourite Movie
  • Day Eight - Favourite animated character
  • Day Nine - Favourite TV show
  • Day Ten - Favourite Candy
  • Day Eleven - Turning point in your life
  • Day Twelve - Most recent accomplishment
  • Day Thirteen - Comic
  • Day Fourteen - Favourite fairytale
  • Day Fifteen - Family Picture
  • Day Sixteen - Inspiration
  • Day Seventeen - Favourite plant
  • Day Eighteen - Just a doodle
  • Day Nineteen - Something new
  • Day Twenty - Something orange
  • Day Twenty-one - Something you want
  • Day Twenty-two - Something you miss
  • Day Twenty-three - Something you need
  • Day Twenty-four - A couple
  • Day Twenty-five - Scenery
  • Day Twenty-six - Something you don't like
  • Day Twenty-seven - Something you love
  • Day Twenty-eight - Anything you'd like
  • Day Twenty-nine - A place you want to go
  • Day Thirty - A congrats banner for finishing the Challenge
I'm not really sure how I'll manage to draw some of these but I'll think of a way. I'm going to try to draw from photo's where possible. I'm also going to try to Colour the pictures, but I'm not too sure how well that'll go so I may scan them both before and after...

Hopefully you'll see something worthwhile tomorrow.


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