14 February 2013

Valentines Day

This pair of parcels was sent through the post for me by my lovely boyfriend. Every year he is determined to celebrate, even though I'd rather skip it and make a big deal of his birthday which is only four days later!

I get to see him tomorrow and we'll be celebrating on Saturday, for both events no less. On days like today I miss him more than I do on normal days, it's strange how seeing sappiness everywhere can make you want to be close to your own special someone. 

I miss him everyday. I miss being able to lean into the comfort that is him. I miss his smell, perhaps odd but a surprising amount of comfort comes from a smell. Most of all though I just miss having his arms around me in a big bear of a hug.

Then I think of my Nan, and how she must feel on a day like today, and everyday. Having been without my Grandad for 20 years now. I know she misses him all of the time, I can see it in everything she does, hear it in her voice. 

So today I've been thinking about all those who, like my Nan, are without the one they love this Valentines day.


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