11 October 2012

Dance With Dragons: Dreams and Dust - George R. R. Martin

I have mixed feelings about these books, and they grow the more of them I read. I love the story, it's literally epic and I love the fact that it has so many strands, that we have so much scope to see what's happening in this world, but at the same time the number of strands decreases my reading speed. 

By the end of a chapter I'm always into what's happening with the character in point, but it leads to a reluctance to read about the next character because I'd rather carry on finding out what's happening with this character first. The reluctance isn't aided by the fact that the chapters are so long. With each Chapter nearing 30 pages it means it can take me up to an hour to get through it, due to the fact I like to read my chapters in one sitting it limits the times I can sit down with this book. 

My third criticism with this book isn't actually a fault with the book. I simply wasn't ready to read it, I was planning on reading it in the new year while I had a bit of free time, but my mum started to read these books over the summer and she wanted to read this soon, I've been quite proud that I'm ahead of my mum with this series and it leads to a reluctance to let her read my book before me. 

As far as the actual story goes I'm loving it. Tyrion is still one of my favourite characters; he may be an 'imp' and a little bitter about it but he's hilarious, chivalrous and downright the nicest character in the book. So what if he committed patricide. So what if he's married to a woman who doesn't love him. So what if he rejected the one woman who actually did love him leaving him with a lifetime of scars, he's brilliant!

Jon and Daenerys both have very interesting storylines as well, but I'm a tad confused why Daenerys is just sitting still, I had come to expect her to be more proactive. There're very few characters in this book I dislike in fact, but I do dislike that there are many characters I like very much who don't put in a single appearance. I'm looking forward to part 2 and catching up with Jaime, Arya and Sansa!

What're you reading?


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