13 February 2013

Pancake Day 2013

So yesterday was Pancake day. I had a couple of friends come over to celebrate and we started out our evening by eating a healthy serving of Jambalaya which my friend described as being fit to feed 400.

We next made pancakes, we first made a trial and error batch to test out our mixture. It resulted in a few dodgy ones before we got it just right at which point my other friend said. Y'know I've always wanted to add food colouring to my pancakes... so we did!

We had a rainbow pancake stack, some turned out better and it was described as a mouldy cheese and ham sandwich, but it tasted pretty good.

We rounded off our evening by playing the Big Bang Theory Party Game, which resulted in a tie for 2nd/3rd place and a much better first place.

In other news, I have a big backlog of reviews to write up which I am working on, but as always things like Coursework deadlines come first, and they're snowballing a little at the moment.


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