27 May 2012

Jonah 4:6

'The Lord made a plant grow quickly up over Jonah, 
which gave him shade and helped him be more comfortable.
 Jonah was very pleased to have the plant'

Personally my favourite book of the bible. I once memorised the entire book for speaking and listening in English, we also performed a memorable version involving a sleeping bag whale at our Church youth camp one year, because I was in a group with boys who weren't too interested and let me boss them around and we's been swimming for the day. 

My boyfriend and I spent yesterday afternoon under the giant apple tree at the bottom of the garden for some heatwave respite, glorious day.

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Have a good Sunday!


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  1. Sitting under an apple tree to beat the heat sounds wondeful!

    Thank you for sharing at Your Sunday Best this week. xoxo