25 May 2012

Book Beginnings: Man of Iron - Catherine George

Man Of Iron (Harlequin Romance 2924)'The office was very quiet, and smelt of leather and the dust dancing in a shaft of sunlight from the tall window.'

I think this speaks of a quiet and sedate romance to follow. At least that's what I'm hoping, I could do with a change from the usual full on style that you get nowadays. 

This book shouldn't take too long to read, another point in it's favour. 



  1. Is that a new Harliquin? Here is my post: Book Beginnings

    1. No, it's actually quite an old one, it was published in 1987. I picked it up at a Charity Shop this afternoon.

    2. I though it looked like an older release. I find that the older one are interesting to read.

    3. I love the older ones, because they're such a different style than you get nowadays. It's how I started reading them, by picking up the ones my mum had as a teenager a few years ago.

  2. I was going to say that this looks like an older Harlie book because of the way the cover is designed. This looks like a fun book...I'll have to check to see if they have it available in Kindle or maybe request it.

    Thanks for sharing it.

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  3. I like the cover!

    Thanks for including your post on Book Beginnings.