17 May 2012

One Thing Led to Another - Katy Regan

One Thing Led to Another was a witty novel. It was at times hilarious but it had 2 brilliant factors. 

Firstly the main character, Tess, was actively trying to start a relationship with someone it was obvious to everyone but her was completely wrong for her when there was Jim, her best friend who she couldn't possibly be in love with because she felt comfortable just spending time with him. This was at times frustrating, especially when it became clear that Jim always knew he was hopelessly in love with Tess, but it made the ending all the more satisfying.

Secondly were the varied humorous glimpses of the pregnancies of perhaps 50 women which marked the start of each and every chapter.

If you're looking for a funny and satisfying read pick this up.

And Linking up to Speed Date with Mary at The Book Swarm.



  1. Ooh, this one sounds really cute--I do need to mix up my reading material, so I don't glut on my fave genres. I do like a good funny story.

    And thank you SOOOO much for pointing out the incorrect linky thing. And, of course, for joining the Speed Date! Cheers! *clinks glasses*

    1. It's fun and a bit different, and seeing as I'd be writing it anyway it's a good challenge to fit it into just a few words :)

      *clinks glasses*