7 May 2013

10 interesting facts about my birthday

  1. Although the WWII hostilities officially ended on 9th May, the ceasefire began on 7th May1945, in the interest of saving lives.
  2. On 7th May 1429, Joan of Arc ended the Seige of Orleans by pulling an arrow from her shoulder and returning wounded to lead a final charge.
  3. 7th May 1718, New Orleans was founded by Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville - This particularly tickled me in light of number 2.
  4. It is the feast day of Saint Flavia Domitilla, who was related to two Roman Emperors and another Saint, although I can't find the official reason for her Sainthood.
  5. 7th May 973, Otto I the founder of the Holy Roman Empire died.
  6. On 7th May 2007 archaeologists discovered the tomb of Herod the Great in Jerusalem, he was the man who persecuted a generation of Infant boys in an elusive search for Jesus.
  7. Eva Peron was born 7th May 1919, she was the first woman of Argentina who died in 1952, after bringing a period of relative peace to Argentina, her death plunged Argentina into mass mourning. She is also the central character in the musical Evita which has featured in the Westend and Broadway, as well as being turned into a film starring Madonna.
  8. 7th May 1992, The Endeavour Space Shuttle was launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida.
  9. Orson Welles, the author of Citizen Kane was born 7th May 1915
  10. Not strictly a fact about the date this last one, but they were becoming difficult to find. It's 2 days before the Annular Eclipse of the Sun also known as the Ring of Fire Eclipse.


  1. Oooh Happy *Belated* Birthday!! :D

    1. Thank you :D
      I'll be back in full force by the end of next week hopefully, cannot wait for the end of this academic year!

    2. Oh same I've really neglected my blog! Exams are just bleurgh! Oh well only one more to go on Thursday then freeeedom! Good luck :)

    3. I know they're mental! Thanks btw :P
      Good luck with yours :D