12 November 2012

Psalm 46:6

'Nations tremble and Kingdoms shake.
God Shouts and the earth crumbles.'

I spent my Saturday in London, with the intention of seeing the Mayor of London Parade fireworks, but they weren't on this year due to the Olympics and Jubilee celebrations. Instead I spent a brilliant day with my boyfriend. We went to Oxford street. We went to the National Gallery to see John Constables paintings of our native Suffolk. We had Ice Cream at Harrods. 

Then on Sunday it was Remembrance Day which involved Church Parade, this year we had a respectable turn out from the Scout Group, which was good. It also meant I saw a friend from High School who's running things with the Army Cadets these days, but who I never bump into except for on Remembrance Day. 

It always chills me a little during the silence, when you stop and think about the sacrifice oru servicemen and women make for us as a general populace.

What did you do for Remembrance?


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