29 November 2012

The Second Summer - Ann Brashares

I was less keen on the second summer than I was on the first book in this series. It was frankly rather sad, although Bridget got some closure and moved out of the depressive state she ended the last book in none of the girls really had a happy story this time around.

Tibby and Bridget perhaps got the closest to it as Bridget put her demons to rest and Tibby began to maybe see Brian in a new light. I liked what was blossoming there. 

I think it's a shame that Carmen likes to cling to the past so much. In the first book I thought we'd seen her get past her parent's happiness issues but in this book she just repeats the same mistakes she made the first time around on the other parent. It's all the more bitter because up until now she's had an amazingly close and happy relationship with her mum.

Lena's story however is the most heartwrending. At the end of the first book she entered into a relationship with a guy who is basically her ideal. After seven months or so apart she decides she can no longer cope with the long distance aspect of her relationship and so calls it off. In the summer however Kostos comes to visit unexpectedly. She pushes him away because she's not sure she can take the pain but eventually lets him in. At this point, after mere days together, Kostos returns to Greece suddenly and this time he calls it off. Lena's heartbroken. She goes to Greece at the very end of the book and runs into Kostos, at the funeral of her Bapi no less, with his brand new wife! You feel every nuance of her betrayal and the hurt she is going through.

When I say I didn't like this book as much as the first it is simply because of the sadness. I still enjoyed reading it very much.


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