20 July 2012

Ruling Sheikh, Unruly Mistress - Susan Stephens M&B (July 2010)

'Ruling Sheik, Unruly Mistress' could in my opinion be pretty much called your typical Mills and Boon. Two characters meet and apparently against reason they fall madly, violently in love in the space of just a few hours so that despite the fact they barely know one another they can't bear to be separated and are the whole support system for one another. All of this is precariously hinged on the miraculously unbeatable chemistry that they share. 

This doesn't make for award winning literature, in fact in most of these books, and this one's no exception, there are spelling and grammar errors, and in places even words missing. However when you pick one of these books up this is what you expect and so you aren't disappointed. 

I love these books, including this one for their very familiarity. It's like visiting one of your best friends and finding she hasn't changed one iota, despite her new haircut. 

The only thing I have against this book is that they spent about 48 hours together, albeit with a 12 week pregnancy establishing gap in the middle, before deciding to get married. To me that was just a little too fast paced. But if you like to know what you're getting pick this one up, the comfort's all there.

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  1. The cover makes it look like something from the 80's! But I do love books that have a comforting level to them--great old friend simile.

    1. I think the M&B covers until at least the mid-80's tended to be drawn rather than being photographs, they're the serial covers, with the blue bands I mean, of the M&B modern line. It's nice if you're in a bit of a slump to be able just pick up a book and know what you'll get, I always have a few of these on hand from charity shops :)