10 July 2012

Rochester Cathedral

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This is the second of four posts I'll be doing about places I visited on my holiday this year.

 Rochester Cathedral is one of the oldest churches in Britain. There has been a Church on the site since the 7th Century when Kent was a country in it's own right ruled by King Ethelbert.
 The Cathedral itself wasn't built until the medieval period which is visible if you start to look at the roof, that kind of structure was a typical feature in buildings of the period, both because it looked impressive and because it was the best way they'd found of keeping a large building stable.
 If you walk around the Cathedral today you'll see countless memorials to men who've died in battles for centuries past. The flags in the photo above are ones which were taken into battle by the local regiment during one of the World Wars.

 Throughout the Cathedral there are also spectacular stained glass windows. Each of them features a biblical scene, some more obscure than others!
 In the photo above you can see the main East Window located above the high altar.
 The Cathedral also has a wonderful garden which you can wander around. This dates from the period when the Cathedral was also a Priory, meaning that the priests lived there and they could go to the garden for some quiet time or for private prayer.

Cathedrals are another one of my favourite things to go and visit.

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  1. that garden is gorgeous. Looks so serene.

    1. It was a very pretty garden. So full of Roses :)

  2. wow looks like a beautiful place!!!!

    1. It was a wonderful building to be able to visit.