25 July 2012

Canterbury Cathedral

This is the final of four posts I've done about my holiday in Kent. To see the others follow the links at the end of the post.

 Canterbury Church is the home of the head of the Church of England. And it's possibly the oldest Christian religious site in England with some form of worship being held there as early as the 3rd Century.

It's a beautiful building filled with amazing medieval architecture and so many wonderful stained glass windows.

There are in places wall paintings, which are very old art, superbly preserved for everyone to see and enjoy.

This candle marks the place of the altar which was laid to commemorate Thomas Beckett, the Archbishop who was murdered in his place of work. When the Reformation came and Henry VIII had a lot of the work torn down the altar was removed, a candle has been burning on the spot pretty much ever since.

Of course there's grafitti, some of it's really old, this one from 1704 was the oldest we could find hence the picture, but there's probably older grafitti which hasn't been dated.

This was my favourite window in the building, and I don't really feel like my picture's done it justice. 

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  1. I still want to go to the Canterbury Cathedral, so thanks for your great pictures! And that window does look beautiful!
    Juli @ Universe in Words

    1. It was a lovely building to visit, more than twice as much to visit it as the other places we went to though :)

  2. What a beautiful place. Truly amazing architecture.

  3. what an amazing place! I love the clouds you captured in the second shot. Really beautiful!

    1. I think it's kinda dramatic, but there were good clouds that week :)