18 January 2016

Sunday recap: 17th January 2016

The second full week of 2016 and it's been hectic, Cubs started back but thanks to some last minute meeting cancellation I wasn't quite ready and we had a games night.

I actually managed to get quite a lot of reading done this week. I finished two books and am well on my way to finishing a third. 

In other news my county had it's first snow of 2016 on Thursday evening, which saw me walking home to a numb head and then heading out to my in-laws down some twisty lanes while the snow flurried. My father in laws birthday being something I can't miss even if that stretch of road makes me nervous at the best of times following some ice last winter. 

Head over to the Caffeinated Book Reviewer and link up.

What I've been reading:

Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery
The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan

Worth the lies by Mara Jacobs
  • I love Mara Jacobs Worth series, unlike a lot of romance authors with on going stories she puts time into her characters. They get a real story and real backgrounds and don't feel like the same character every time juste wearing different clothes!
  • This book counts towards the following challenges; Alphabet Soup, 100+ Books Challenge and You Read How Many Books Challenge.
The Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinley
What I've Posted This Week:

Reading Challenges:
  • I have read 9/41 Discworld books
  • I have read 2/100 books in 2016 so far
Blogging Challenges:
  • I still don't feel as though I've made progress towards a blogging routine, although I managed to pattern a couple of posts from last week I still feel as though I'm getting into the swing of normal life.
  • I have made  no further progress towards cataloguing my 'library', here. 
  • So far I have written a couple of reviews of recently read books. 
  • I've written a bit for some backlist books I wanted to review.
Personal Challenges:
  • This week I lost another 2lbs. I was a little stricter with myself in terms of snacking. 
  • I went swimming twice this week. On Tuesday I swam 64 lengths and on Friday I swam 40 lengths, meaning I've officially managed to swim my first mile of the year, if not twice in one week!
  • I had no fizzy drinks this week! 

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