10 January 2016

Sunday recap: 10th January 2016

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This is the first time I've ever posted any kind of recap post, and for the most part there doesn't seem to be an awful lot to recap this week. 

As part of my Bookish Resolutions I decided to try and organise some kind of blogging routine. As yet this year I seem to have little routine, however this seems like a good place to start! I plan to use these posts to keep track of my progress with various challenges as well as my Bookish Resolutions. 

So for the first time ever here goes!

What I've been reading:

Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery
The Eye of The World by Robert Jordan 
  • I've actually been listening to this on audible. It's surprisingly therapeutic to listen and colour, or cook, or clean. I've had whole new realms of reading time opened up to me!
  • The audiobook has set chapters out differently than the paper book, but I have about 9 Audio chapters to go with this book and so far I'm loving it.
  • This will count towards the following challenges:  Alphabet Soup100+ Books Challenge and You Read How Many Books Challenge
What I've Posted This Week:

I've actually extended it this week to include everything I've posted after 1st January.

Reading Challenges:
  • I have read 9/41 Discworld books
  • I have read 1/100 books in 2016 so far
Blogging Challenges:
  • I haven't really established a blogging routine yet, but as this is week 1 and I spent some of it signing up for challenges I feel this is justified!
  • I have made progress towards cataloguing my 'library', here. In some ways this feels like a lot of progress, however since I married the flat I've been sharing with my husband can only hold a small portion of my books, the bulk are at my parents so I can't see myself listing them all until at least mid year. At present the list consists of those in the flat and those I easily remember. I'd also like to amend the list so it is possible to see what I've read and not just what I've reviewed.
  • So far I have not written any reviews of recently read books. 
  • I've written a bit for some backlist books I wanted to review. You'll see some of these coming soon.
Personal Challenges:
  • I lost 1 pound this week and am aiming to lose 6 pounds this month. So I need to try harder next week!
  • I went swimming twice this week. On Tuesday I swam 40 lengths and on Thursday I swam 56 lengths. So not quite a mile either time, but roughly a mile and a half over the two. This could have been better but it came down to timings!
  • I had 6 fizzy drinks this week. An appalling failure!
A Couple of Interesting Articles I've seen this week
  • This interesting article from the Independent on Natural Flood defences in the UK. It appealed to me on a basic human interest level, but also on from a scientific point of view. It's interesting I feel how restoring natural habitats can have impacts on flood waters both good and bad.
  • This article about the trends of publishing in Children's books in 2015 and predictions for 2016. It highlighted some interesting statistics about book diversity that I saw in an article towards the end of last year. 
A quote from the bible for the week

'Behold, God is my helper; The Lord is the Upholder of my life.'
Psalms 54:4


  1. Hi Rowen and lovely to virtually meet you. I've just had a one month break from the weekly link-up so am just back (as well).

    Wow you are doing a lot of challenges at the moment! I have to admit to being kinda lazy when it comes to blogging or reading commitments!

    Good luck on the weight loss front. Sadly I'm trying to motivate myself to lose some weight as well, though have A LOT to lose!


    1. Hi Deb.
      Thanks for visiting!
      I'm really determined to read 100 books this year, but I thought the extra motivation would help me :)
      Good luck with your weight loss! I lost quite a bit last year for my wedding then got married and promptly put it all back on and that really annoyed me, so again some motivation was needed!