29 December 2015

2016 A Series a Month

Challenge number four today folks. I will be participating in the series a month challenge. 

One of my reading goals from my Bookish Resolutions is to complete the Discworld series. With around 30 books left to read this may be a little challenging for a single month, but hopefully this will give me a little more motivation to complete the series. 

I'd also like to participate in the Flights of Fantasy Book Club which appears to involve reading six series.

My January Series
1. The Hero and the Crown - Robin McKinley
2. The Blue Sword - Robin McKinley

My February Series
1. Call the Midwife - Jennifer Worth
2. Shadows of the Workhouse - Jennifer Worth
3. Farewell to the Eastend - Jennifer Worth

My April Series 
1. Red Rising - Pierce Brown
2. Golden Son - Pierce Brown
3. Morningstar - Pierce Brown (Won't be released until later this year)

My May Series
1. Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch
2. Moon Over Soho - Ben Aaronovitch
3. Whispers Underground - Ben Aaronovitch
4. Broken Homes - Ben Aaronovitch
5. Foxglove Summer - Ben Aaronovitch

My June Series
1. In Too Deep - Mara Jacobs
2. In Too Fast - Mara Jacobs
3. In Too Hard - Mara Jacobs

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