28 December 2015

2016 Bookish Resolutions

As part of the challenge binge I have decided to join this year I thought I'd join in with the 2016 Bookish Resolutions challenge. With the mini challenges this seems like a great way to keep on top of those challenges I would like to set myself that don't really fit into a more general challenge. I have come up with quite a few I would like to try and hit so here goes.

Reading Challenges

  • I would like to finish Terry Pratchetts Discworld series - I started reading this in 2015 and managed to get up to Guard! Guards! I have previously read a couple of the children's books in this series but do plan on rereading them
  • Read 100 books - I set myself a 100 book reading goal on goodreads and have never more than 3/4 completed it. So I would like to manage that this year.
Blogging Challenges
  • I would like to establish a blogging routine of some description, whether that's a weekly routine or a monthly routine. 
  • I would like to create some kind of personal library catalogue a la The Worn Bookmark. I feel like this would be a really good way to keep track of all the books I keep buying, and hopefully motivate me to read some of the books that have been sitting around for a while. 
  • I would like to write book reviews within 2 weeks of finishing the book going forward. I'm not saying I'd want to post the reviews immediately, but that I'm currently really bad at doing this.
  • I'd like to write some reviews for some of the books I finished a while ago where I've published reviews for other books in the series, maybe work this into the blogging routine. 52 reviews that have needed writing for a while would make quite a dent!
Personal Challenges
  • I would like to lose weight. I got married last April so I did quite well at this, I lost around a stone and a half for my wedding, my dress even had to be taken in! But post wedding settling into the New flat with my husband I put back on most of what I'd lost. My original intention had been to lose a bit more, I'm around 3 stone heavier than I'd like to be so I'm making losing that weight and keeping it off a mini challenge.
  • I would like to swim a minimum of 64 lengths twice a week. To some people this might seem both a little random and a little daunting. However 64 lengths is a mile so when I've swum that far I feel like I've achieved something, and as a child I swam between one and four times a week at any one point until I gave it up for studying in sixth form. I'd really like to hit my groove again, but I'm not about to kick myself for missing a week.
  • I would like to cut down fizzy drinks. I feel like this will be a big challenge for me, I'm very aware of how bad fizzy drinks are for weight gain, your teeth and your stomach lining. At the moment I have a coke in the pub on a wednesday, cans of coke zero in the fridge and if I get a meal deal or have a meal out I tend to choose a coke then as well. I'd like to try and cut this down to just the Wednesday pub coke for now and see how it goes.

So I have a few New Years resolutions there. I might have overdone it but it will give me something to aim for! Don't forget to head over to Because Reading is Better than Real Life to Sign up.


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