13 September 2013

Strata –Terry Pratchett

If you think of Terry Pratchett then as a rule you think of Discworld, but a relatively small part of the large selection of books that he’s written has nothing to do with the disc. Strata quite literally straddles this border.

It was written before he had fully developed the concept of the disc but at the same time it is an early exploration of it. Centering on Kin Arad it is about her discoveries regarding the creation of the universe. She is over 200 years old and has been creating planets for much of her life. Nothing fazes her.

That is until she is brought the news of a planet which is a disc, situated in uncharted space. She sets out to explore it, in the company of two unlikely and unexpected companions. Marco the legally human Kung, a species of highly warlike, four-armed, giant frogs. And silver, the gentle Shand, a linguist and historian who has to eat the synthetic flesh of her own species or she will transform into a ravening monster.

This book is stock full of Terry Pratchett’s legendary wit and is satisfying in the completeness of it’s storyline. The three discover the secrets of the disc, it’s utter wrongness and inevitably decide upon a course of action which will solve all of their problems.

I’d never heard of this book, unlike most of his books which you can see everywhere. If you get the chance then I’d recommend you read it.


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