18 September 2013

Last week of Scouting

Yesterday night was my last night at Beavers until Christmas, or possibly later, tonight is my last at Explorers and next Monday is my last at Cubs. Fortunately I still get to come back to Scouts on a Friday night while I'm at Uni or I'm not sure what I'd do with myself. 

Being a Scout Leader is a very strange situation in some ways, I imagine it's a bit like being a teacher, except you spend your downtime with the kids, you camp with them and you play games with them. I like to think that they see you more as a friend than a boss, and whilst you obviously have responsibility your job is to make sure they have fun, not that they learn. Hopefully they learn something at the same time, but if not at least they've enjoyed themselves. 

From my perspective, helping out at each section within our group it feels a bit like I have 40 odd children. I have definitely developed emotional attachments to them all. I get to see them excited when they've achieved something they didn't think they could, or when they get to try something they never would elsewhere. I get to see them growing as individuals when I've reprimanded them and they can tell me what they've done wrong and why they won't be doing it again. 

Honestly I can say it breaks my heart a little to say goodbye to these little people. I can't wait to see them again, and it was made all the worse by the Beavers being disappointed it was my last night for a while last night. 

I'll miss them all!


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