9 September 2013

10 Things I didn't Realise before spending a Fortnight in Porto Santo

  1. An island about the same size as my home town could have a desert.
  2. Places really do exist where you can see the sea-bed through metres of water.
  3. Skeleton crosswords aren’t as hard as they sound, it’s just a case of doing the beginning right.
  4. A place would put roundabouts in just for the excuse of ‘planting gardens in the road’.
  5. I would feel uncomfortable having someone come and make my bed – I tried making it myself once but she just unmade it.
  6. That it would feel depressing to come somewhere that I expected to be warm and sunny and to find some heat, but mostly a lot of cloud and wind. Fortunately it cleared up towards the end of the holiday.
  7. A place still exists where crime is virtually non-existant. Ever seen ‘The Bozeman Reaction’? Sheldon would love it here!
  8. It could take me soooo long to read a book I’m enjoying. Seriously around 12 hours a day for around 5 or 6 days, that’s a long time for me to be reading a book on holiday.
  9. King Kong really does exist, he’s swimming in the sea just off shore.
  10. I have a boyfriend who will willingly and actively eat fruit. Who knew?!


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