6 September 2013

Bedknob and Broomstick – Mary Norton

Bedknob and Broomstick is I guess a fairly classic children’s story. Pretty much everyone’s heard of it and some have seen the film. Personally I always thought that both words were plurals but having read the book it makes a lot more sense that they’re not.

It is the story of three children who’re sent to stay with their elderly aunt for the summer. While there one of them notices Ms Price crashing a broomstick. This turns into a spiral of adventure for them involving trips to unchartered territory and visits to the past.

I can’t help but wonder if Dr Who originally had a basis linking it to this book because there’re a lot of similarities between the enchanted bedknob and the TARDIS.

All in all it’s a good story which has a a number of morals but also a slight thrill factor. I think it would appeal to preteens if it wasn’t written in a way which has dated.


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