4 September 2012

Potter Sewing anyone?

Sew Festive Handmade is a blog I read. Surprisingly, or perhaps not, Rebecca sews, a lot!

She's a Graduate who has recently been putting a lot of time into her blog, creating so that some of her stuff is sale-able, and creating patterns so that everyone else can use them and enjoy them! It's a fun place to look around.

A few weeks ago she released for sale a collection of embroidery patterns, her own designs, based on various elements of the Harry Potter Books. They are epic, and if your love for reading can transpire into a love of sewing you should go check them out! They are for sale here, and you can read about their release here and here.

In her own words 'I've loved Harry Potter since I read the first book at 7 years old. My family moved a lot when I was younger and the release of the books always seemed to coincide with a cross-country move. My sisters and I had to share a single book between us, and would only get to read a chapter at a time before we had to hand it off! I know it will be one of the sets of books that I tell my kids about and that I encourage them to read. Since I've taken up sewing, I wanted to be able to combine my love for the stories with my love for all things stitched and handmade. I hope that everyone enjoys all the Harry Potter inspired patterns and feel inspired to stitch your own spell artwork!'

And even if you don't buy the patterns her blog is worth a look around, she makes some pretty cool stuff!

And I'm really sorry because I honestly meant to have this post up the week after she released the patterns but life happened.


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