27 September 2012

Catching Fire - Suzanne Collins

Catching Fire, was for me, as it seems to have been for most people, even better than The Hunger Games. The problem I then find is that I can't define what made it so good. 

I found myself reading Catching Fire to the point where I couldn't actually put it down, I even read some in my lunch-break, both aspects of which are much less common these days than before I sat my A-Levels. I actually read Catching Fire in about 24 hours. It was fabulous.

I like that the three parts of the book seemed very distinct, you could definitely see them separately but they still worked well as a whole. I also liked that the book picked up effectively from where the first book left off, with Peeta and Katniss having a very stand-off-ish relationship. 

I liked that Katniss tried to second-guess president Snow and ended up distrustful of a much wider range of people. It made for some very dramatic scenes.

I liked that Katniss' feelings for Peeta developed into some which were a lot more honest than in the previous book. You could actually believe her emotions, and it was fun watching her fall into them. I also enjoyed viewing the conflict she felt over Gale and Peeta, but you could see Gale take a step back.

However my absolute favourite part of the book was the complete cliffhanger of an ending!

I had been planning to link up to Speed Date Night @ The Book Swarm but I seem to have exceeded the word count, shows just how good this book is I guess. 

Happy Reading


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  1. I just re-read Catching Fire, I think it's my favourite of the 3! Mockingjay is good but leaves me feeling well I won't say incase you haven't read it yet!

    1. It's definitely the best one. And I read all three of them in the last week of August so no spoilers for me. I just havn't posted all the reviews quite yet...