13 September 2012

Lady Grace Mysteries: Betrayal - Patricia Finney

This book was similar to the first in the series. It was somewhat trivial with some anchor in fact. The main character, Lady Grace, is a fictional Maid of Honour to Queen Elizabeth I.

In the first book she was named the first Lady Pursuant, or detective, and she uses this as a licence to act as a tom boy and solve mysteries. Although the morals the characters talk of during the book are bedded in those typical for the period Lady Grace herself doesn't fit the time period at all.

I somewhat preferred this book to the first although it still left me dubious. I don't think I'd recommend this as a book to buy new, but secondhand it's ok as a light read. 

My main criticism of it really is that it's childish, but as it was written for children I guess I should just get over it!


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