21 September 2012

Book Beginnings: Catching Fire - Suzanne Collins

A little more of the same as last week. Like I said I raced through this trilogy, it was positively warp speed!

'I clasp the flask between my hands even though the warmth from the tea has long since leached into the frozen air.'

In many ways this beginning holds echoes of the beginning of the first book. It is early morning, the calm before the storm.

Once again the beginning is almost too quiet for the book. Your thoughts?

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  1. I agree with you. I have read all 3 books and, in my opinion, the third one kinds of peters out at the end. It was like Ms. Collins had to find a way to wrap up the storyline so she just ends it quickly and happily. That's not a bad thing, but I was a little surprised and disappointed.

    1. I liked the ending for the third one in some ways. But at the same time I was disappointed that it ended so horrifically and with Katniss separated from a lot of the people she cared about. But I was glad it gave a glimpse at her being able to start a real life with Peeta.

  2. I've never seen this cover! I guess it's new. I really liked the first book, the second I had to read by default ... I hope you enjoy it. The three books work together. But honestly, I wouldve been perfectly happy with just the first!

    1. It's pretty much the only cover available in the UK now :( I liked the old one better but was too slow in purchasing the books. I think the first book would have worked great as a stand-alone but at the same time I had a lot of questions after it and mostly they were answered in the subsequent books :)