25 April 2012

Inheritance – Christopher Paolini

The aptly named last book in the inheritance cycle was another brilliant escape. Filled with drama and cliff-hangers I found myself readily hooked from beginning to end.

Against logical reason I continued to hope for a development between Eragon and Arya, a hope in which I was both fulfilled and disappointed. There was a development, but it was a development which came too late and which could never be enacted. There were similar developments which I didn’t expect, but which I did welcome.

The book ended with an overwhelming sense of sadness in my opinion. Perhaps this could be seen as a pleasant change from the victorious stereotype of High Fantasy, for myself I wished for a happier ending.

In the acknowledgments Paolini stated that he is moving onto new pastures for the time  being, but that he isn’t finished with Alagaesia. I can’t see any way for him to return within the framework of the Eragon novels, I think their ending was too final, but I would be willing, even eager, to read any new book he was able to produce.

On a side note. That cover art, still stunning!!


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