2 April 2012

Brisingr - Chritopher Paolini

         The third book in the inheritance cycle I don’t think the name could be more apt. It’s the first word of the ancient language Eragon learnt, one which describes the nature of Saphira and it’s the name of the fantastic new sword crafted both for and by Eragon in a roundabout way during the course of the book.
         In Brisingr I feel that both Eragon and Roran have grown as characters. I love many of the revelations which appeared during the novel. I love the fact that Roran’s long awaited wedding to Katrina took place, that they are going to be parents and that they couldn’t wait until after the wedding...
         I love that Orik is to take the place of Hrothgar as king of the Dwarves. I love the hilarity and simplicity of the punishment exacted by the Dwarven council on the Az Sweldn rak Anhûin Clan for their treachery.
         I love the fact that I cried when Glaedr and Oromis died, although it wasn’t unexpected, it’s been hinted at in the previous books, but it shows how much all of the Characters affect me I guess.

        I love Nausuada’s triumph and that Arya began to open up to Eragon. It gives me hope.
         Most of all I love that it gave me a diversion to my favourie genre. In fact the only thing I didn’t love about it was that it distracted me long enough to make me a week behind in the Reading Challenge.


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