5 April 2012

A Perfect Proposal - Liz Fielding

         This Mills and Boon novel was brought out as part of the collection written specifically to celebrate 100 years of the publishing house which changed Romance. It was exclusive to WHSmith.
         I’m reasonably confident I picked it up at the Church Christmas Bazaar.
        This book was a lot more sensible than most Mills and Boon books are. There was little love of the ‘at first sight’ variety. It was a love which had grown, on one side at least, very slowly between two people who had known each other for a period of time and knew each other well.
This book differed because there was no carnality. This book differed because it made a priority of the child in the life of the male half.
         It was brief. It was light hearted. It was a welcome break for a couple of hours from life.


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