4 January 2012

Winter Cushion

I mentioned a while back the Autumn cushion that I'd made as a Christmas present, and the three I intended to make to go with it, well I did make them, borrowing my mum's machine to speed up the process a little.

This Cushion is basically the same layout as the Autumn Cushion, and the tree is intended to be the same. I made a few errors while piecing so that some of the patchwork squares are in the wrong places, but overall it turned out well.

Instead of a pile of leaves the focal point of this cushion, and what makes it signify winter is the snowman. However I did the snowman using a blanket stitch, to try and imply snowy spaces, and the connecting stitches slid to the inside. 

Giving my snowman a rather spiky look.

Even so I'm pleased with it as I think you can still tell it is a snowman.


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