2 January 2012

Day Two - Breakfast

A little more punctual with day two!

I'm not a conventional breakfast eater, I was when I was younger, when my mum was in complete control of my dietary habits but I would definately say I am no longer. Breakfast is one of those meals which just doesn't sit well. I can stomach it if it's a cooked breakfast, if it is leftovers or if it is cake. On occasions I can stomach toast, but I need to have been up for a while and I often don't have leftovers or cake to eat, so more often than not I skip it, despite the fact that I adhere to the belief it is one of the most important meals of the day.

I always try to eat it when I'm working, because in my job we don't sit around and do nothing all day and lunch is later rather than earlier, although roughly in the middle of our working day, we start late. I also always try to eat it if I have an exam or a day which is particularly packed with lectures.

My breakfast today however was leftover lemon tart which was made for New Years Eve celebrations with my godparents, I was still there for the evening meal part of the day.


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