18 April 2011

The Grave Tattoo - Val McDermid

The Grave Tattoo is a book I wasn't expecting to like, as I had suspicions of it a Silent Witness type novel, and it was a bit like that, but there was enough variation in it that it didn't overwhelm. The book is actually about the discovery of a lost William Wordsworth manuscript, which is gradually revealed to you at the end of each chapter, but it is interpsersed with suspicious deaths as someone kills for the manuscript.
           The thing that I liked most about the book is that it kept you guessing about who the murderer was right until the end of the book, and I think I guessed just about everyone but who the murderer actually was. If I'd been like my sister, an avid Silent Witness and similar programmes fan, then I probably could have used stereotypes to figure it out very near to the beginning of the book. I didn't like the book that it seemed to drop a couple of threads somewhere near the middle, or that it left some of the characters a bit unresolved, there was some stuff I'd have liked to have known that it didn't bring up.
          I also don't believe that it's part of a series of books, although if it had've been then I think I would have been interested, having finished that one, in reading more of them.


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