27 April 2011

Good Time Girl - Kate O'Mara

I read a lot of trashy books, I have a thing about the predictability and comfortable happy ending which a Mills and Boon book never fails to provide. If I'm in a foul mood or simply bored I'll pick one up and read it, cos I know that chances are I'll have finished it in about a day and i'll be left feeling satisfied. I assumed this would be similar, a friend gave it to me with several Mills and Boon books that her grandma was chucking out. I was wrong.
            This book to the term trashy novel to an entirely new level and I can say quite honestly that I wish never to read a book like it. It wasn't just that it was trashy, but it had no plot, was riddled with affairs and some of the language used made me cringe. I still like Mills and Boon books, but for that kind of fix I think I'll stick to them from now on.

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