7 April 2011

The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

I've just finished reading 'The Book Thief', literally a few hours ago, and it's an unusual book. It's narrated by death as opposed to the main character, Liesel, which is the first strange thing about it. Secondly he's rarely met her, but he has met her more than once, which when you stop and think about it seems odd in itself. Thirdly in places the outcome of an event is told to you before you're told any of the accompanying circumstances.
            I bought 'The Book Thief' because I take history. One of my coursework essays is on the status of women in nazi germany, and my teacher for this area suggested it as a different perspective that I might like to read. She told me the basic plot summary and it sounded like the kind of book that I might like. I can't say it was the most entrancing book I've ever read, I can't even say it moved me as much as some books I've read, although that could be because of the reason I was reading it. I did however enjoy reading it, which is afterall the primary function of any good novel.
            I liked the fact that it was unusual and I also liked the fact that it made the perspective of a difficult era of history generally acessable through the eyes of someone, albeit fictional, whose story would probably have never been told.


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