26 September 2015

Reader I married him...

It's been a long time since I last posted on the blog, nearly 2 years in fact and so much can happen in that time. Major life events:

1. I finished my degree
2. I graduated, natural follow on don't you know
3.I failed yet again to read 100 books in a year, one day I will succeed!
4. And yes reader I married him 5 months ago.

We got engaged shortly before my last post, 25th December 2013 and got married exactly 16 months later in our local church.

The 16 months were manic, looking for work, finally getting a job, taking over the running of the local cub pack and finally DIYing a whole host of stuff for the wedding.

Since then you might have expected us to slow down a little but never ones for a quiet life we moved into our first home together 4 days after getting married following 10 hours of accumulated driving and a whirlwind honeymoon.

We've implemented ourselves a weekly movie night.

All of these things I have to share, but for now I'm just letting you know I'm back.

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