21 January 2014

King of Thorns – Mark Lawrence

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If you’re reading a review about King of Thorns chances are you’ve already read Prince of Thorns. The thing about Prince of Thorns was Jorg Ancrath, main character of the book, who you couldn’t help feeling should be the antagonist, but who you fell for a little bit anyway. He’s so different than almost any other fantasy hero I’ve come across.

The thing about Jorg in this book is he’s lost some of that antagonism, and for most of the book you’re left wondering where it’s gone. Mark Lawrence does eventually reveal that, and it’s far from mundane, in fact it reinforces the slightly weird post dystopian world he’s created. I really like the world he’s developed, since I could almost see a way to it being created.

Jorg does a little bit of travelling in this book, I liked that. It gave us some new glimpses of the world he lives in. It’s an interesting world, full of twists and unexpected echoes. Fantastic.
Jorg also seemed to develop emotions in this book. I thought that was pretty cool, but I’m still unsure whether, for me, Jorg lost or gained something in the process. I think I’ll be waiting for the paperback release of Emperor of Thorns to make up my mind.

As with Prince of Thorns this book was split between two timelines which played off against one another perfectly. This time however there was a third thread intertwined in the form of Katherine’s diary entries. These entries had me questioning pretty much everything I knew about this story.

I put it to you that Mark Lawrence is a master of fiction. He writes stories unlike anything else I’ve ever read. He’s made me care about characters who should have been unlikeable. And he’s had me questioning everything the whole way through each book, until the end, where I find everything neatly laid out with the pieces before my eyes the entire time.

A great book. Well worth the wait and the read.


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